Abacoa Town Centre Cinemas





Abacoa Town Centre

17 Theatre Complex
Jupiter, Florida

Crown Theatres L.P.
Norwalk, Connecticut

James Thomas Martino, Architect, P.C. designed this theatre complex to nclude 16 stadium seating auditoriums plus one large format theatre with a total seating capacity of 3,825. This beautiful 78,482 square foot theatre complex is constructed in the upscale community of Jupiter, Florida. A three-phase master plan has been developed for this area by De Guardiola Development Ventures and this new town has been named
“Abacoa Town Centre“.

The development also includes a new downtown commercial “main street“ complete with retail space, residential rentals and a new corporate hotel. The theatre lobby is deliberately located at the intersection of these two main streets to merge smoothly with new residential and commercial construction occurring in Phase two.

The facade of the theatre incorporates common Floridian materials including
stucco and Spanish roof tiles. A portico protects the theatre going patrons from
the summer sun. The award winning color palette of the interiors is synonymous with Florida, reflecting bold, bright colors and geometric shapes and form.

This project was completed in 2001.

Design Award:
2001 Archi Color Design Award.
AIA Long Island